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Good Morning Faridabad

As human beings, our greatness lays not so much in being able to remake the world...
as in being able to remake ourselves.  Mahatma Gandhi

~ Up Coming Classes & Programs ~

Anahata Center
   929 S. Main Street #106
Lombard, IL 60148


MONDAY    Moderate Kripalu Yoga            6:15-7:45PM with Pamela Myers AyP, LMT, eRYT
                                                                        $17/class, monthly discount
                                                                        Private & Prenatal classes available

TUESDAY        Yin and Hatha Yoga                    7-8:15PM with Victoria Jackson eRYT, BSEd
                        (multi level)                                $16/class monthly discount

WEDNESDAY  Gentle Therapeutic Yoga           9-10:15AM  with Linda Troutman, $16/class,
                                                                        punch pass        

                   Gong Meditation                           
7-8:30pm contact Petra Sliwiak to register,
                                                            or 773.968.4113
                                                                     $15 pre-registerd or $20 at the door


PROGRAMS (see program page)


 for additional information contact Pamela K. Myers AyP, LMT, eRYT500  630.235.6829,